Budget Hearing Schedule

Chambers_3The budget hearing schedule for the spring of 2018 is below. Each hearing will focus on portions of the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2019.

We invite you to attend the meetings in person, or to follow along at home by watching on WITN 22.

Monday, April 9 (4 p.m.) – Mayor’s Office; Treasurer’s Office; Wilmington City Council

Wednesday, April 11 (4 p.m.) – Mayor’s Office of Economic Development; Parks and Recreation

Thursday, April 12 (4 p.m.) – Planning and Development; Licenses and Inspections; Real Estate and Housing

Monday, April 16 (4 p.m.) – Public Works

Wednesday, April 18 (4 p.m.) – Audit; Mayor’s Office of Information Technology

Monday, April 23 (4 p.m.) – Human Resources; Police

Wednesday, April 25 (4 p.m.) – Revenue Projections; Finance

Monday, April 30 (4 p.m.) – Law; Fire

Wednesday, May 2 (5 p.m.) – Presentation Water/Sewer Fund 6-Year Financial Plan (Public Works)